Frequently Asked Questions

What is Redeem TV?

Redeem TV is a donor-supported, ad-free, streaming service with no fees. Our goal is to provide encouraging, edifying, and hope filled entertainment for all ages. Our ministry offers an ever-growing library of over 1,500 quality dramas, documentaries, animated features, children’s favorites, series and Bible studies and more with new titles added every week. Download the Redeem TV app for content on your TV, computer and mobile devices, and any room can be your family room.

How do I find help?

For help regarding donations, subscriptions, subtitles, or content email or call us at 1-888-375-2416. Our office is open from 9AM-5PM EST, Monday through Friday. If you are having a problem with the way a video is playing (or not playing), or problems with the apps, please fill out the contact form here:

How do I sign up for Redeem TV?

Redeem TV is available on your favorite devices and platforms. To sign up online, go to Apple TV, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Samsung, LG (WebOS) and Roku apps are available in the respective app store. Be sure to use the same username and password when signing up for multiple apps and the website.

What content is available on Redeem TV?

Lots! We have tons of fascinating documentaries, and many original dramas. We produce the animated series Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith. We have lots of series and Bible studies. We intentionally offer programs that edify and challenge us to grow closer to Jesus and a clear alternative to the typical mainstream offerings.

How are Redeem TV, Vision Video, and Christian History Institute related?

Vision Video is owned by Christian History Institute a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Redeem TV is a new ministry started by Christian History Institute to distribute titles where Vision Video has been entrusted with distribution rights.

How do I access the “Additional Donor Content"?

The “Additional Donor Content" is our way of thanking our donors for their support by giving them a sneak peak at some of our titles. For a one time donation of at least $25 donation or a monthly recurring donation of at least $5, you will receive access to Additional Donor Content for one year or until you end the recurring donation. Once your donation is processed, you will receive access to "Additional Donor Content”. You can find it a full listing of the titles currently available to donors in the "Additional Donor Content” category.

What languages and countries does Redeem TV serve?

Our videos are primarily in English but we have a growing library of content that has been translated into many other languages. We are adding more language tracks to as many titles as possible as they become available. You can set your “preferred video language” to have videos automatically play in your chosen language, whenever available. Videos will default to English when other languages are not available. We have made subtitles available in as many languages as possible, which can be selected in the bottom right corner of the video player. Redeem TV is available worldwide, and we hope it will be an aid to churches and mission efforts around the world. If you are not able to watch a video but have access to the trailer it may be that you are located in a country where we do not currently have the streaming rights for that particular video. If you are not able to play a specific video, please email

Featured Content

Torchlighters (the series)

Series | 22 Episodes | 30 min each

Until Forever

Movie | 1 hr 40 min

Corrie ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated

Documentary | 55 min

Pilgrim’s Progress

Animation | 113 minutes

Bonhoeffer: Agent Of Grace

Movie | 1 hr 30 min

Navajo Code Talkers

Documentary | 70 min