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Youthful Russian Martyr - 1972

Soviet soldier in winter gear.


Vanya Moiseyev, the son of Baptist parents, was a soldier in the Soviet army. Because he insisted on sharing his faith with other soldiers he was severely persecuted. Among the tortures was being made to stand all night in subzero temperatures, sometimes dressed only in a summer uniform. He claimed an angel protected him. Eventually officers of the government stabbed and drowned him—but by then so many men had become Christians through Vanya’s testimony that his unit had to be broken up and dispersed throughout the army. The following is an excerpt from Vanya’s last letter to his parents dated this day June 15, 1972.


“My dear parents, the Lord had showed the way to me...and I have decided to follow it.... I will now have more severe and bigger battles than I have had till now. But I do not fear them. He goes before me. Do not grieve for me, my dear parents. It is because I love Jesus more than myself. I listen to Him, though my body does fear somewhat or does not wish to go through everything. I do this because I do not value my life as much as I value Him. And I will not await my own will, but I will follow as the Lord leads. He says, Go, and I go.”


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