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Keep Your Eye Single

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Today's Devotional

The first sin was committed because Eve looked at what the serpent wanted to show her: and how many times I have fallen by doing just the same thing, and so letting temptation enter by my eye! And this is from want of remembering the direction of Christ as to a single eye. My whole body and mind are affected through the eye; and they are filled either with light or darkness according as the eye is “single” or “evil.”

But what is a “single eye”? Surely it is an eye which has but one purpose and one object in every glance; one which looks to see God in everything, and looks at every thing for God; an eye which searches to find God’s revelation of himself in every thing that comes before it, and which seeks to glorify him with every exercise of sight.

This single eye will both narrow and enlarge my field of vision. I shall turn away from many things that others look at; and, on the other hand, I shall see more in every thing in proportion as I learn to look “only for God.”

O Lord, you alone can make my eye single. Grant that I may have but one purpose in every glance: that I may see what you show me, and see everything in your light, for Jesus Christ’s sake.

Thou who hast given me eyes to see
And love this sight so fair,
Give me a heart to find out Thee,
And read Thee everywhere. —Keble

About the author and the source

Rev. J. H. Rogers prepared a monthly devotional that focused on the human body as God’s instrument. The first week was devoted to the heart, the second to the lips, and the third week to the eyes. The remaining days of the month were allocated to the ears, hands, and feet. The thought above is for the fifteenth day of the month, the first in the section on eyes.

J. H. Rogers.  “Fifteenth Day.” The King’s Palace. London: Morgan & Scott, n.d.

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