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Aspire to communion with God

F. W. Robertson

Today's Devotional

Christ came to bring man’s spirit into immediate contact with God’s Spirit to sweep away everything intermediate. In lonely union, face to face, man’s spirit and God’s Spirit must come together. It is a grand thought. Aspire to this! Aspire to greatness, goodness! So let your spirit mingle with the Spirit of the Everlasting.

About the author and the source

F. W. Robertson (1816–1853) was an evangelical preacher and author in the Church of England; Lucy Larcom (1824–1893), who included his thought in a compilation she produced, grew up in poverty in New England where she became an inspirational poet and author.

F. W.  Robertson. “29 January,” in Beckonings for Every Day, a Calendar of Thought, arranged by Lucy Larcom. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1887.

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