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Grant me confidence in God

Sir Philip Sidney, soldier, courtier, Christian, and poet.

Today's Devotional

All-seeing Light and Eternal Life of all things, look upon my misery with Thine eye of mercy, and let Thine infinite power vouchsafe to limit out some portion of deliverance unto me, as unto Thee shall seem most convenient. But yet, O my God, I yield unto Thy will, and joyfully embrace what sorrow Thou wilt have me suffer. Only thus much let me crave of Thee (let my craving, O Lord, be accepted of Thee, since even that proceeds from Thee)— let me crave … that Thou wilt suffer some beam of Thy Majesty so to shine into my mind, that it may still depend confidently on Thee—Amen.

About the author and the source

Sir Philip Sidney (1554–1586) was a soldier, poet, courtier, and Christian. Here is one of his prayers.

Philip Sidney. “January the Thirtieth,” in Prayers Ancient and Modern Selected and Arranged for Daily Reading, by Mary W. Tileston. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1914.

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