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Fragments Are Precious

Boylesve’s A Thought for Each Day of the Year

Today's Devotional

Gather the pieces that are left over—John 6:12 (NIV).

Thought.—You should not allow any portion of God’s gifts to be lost. Do not lose one moment of that time allotted to you by God; time so precious, that God only gives it to us in small portions, so afraid is He lest we should want only to squander it. Lose not a single thought, word, or action. If God keeps count of the pieces of bread that were over, how much more will He demand an account of each idle word.

Prayer.—Jesus, give me to understand that all is lost which cannot be referred to Thee or to Thy Father’s glory; yes, lost for all eternity.

Practice.—Never waste your time.

About the author and the source

Marin De Boylesve was a nineteenth-century French Jesuit. In addition to A Thought for Each Day of the Year, he wrote a short history of the popes. He made his meditations short so as not to put off readers. They were arranged by the church year. This is his meditation for the Friday after the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Marin De Boylesve. A Thought for Each Day of the Year. London: Burns and Oates, 1877.

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