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The Price Love Pays

Rossetti’s Time Flies

Today's Devotional

A vigorous man strolls a couple of miles along country lanes to call on an acquaintance: the act is friendly, and as such it is accepted. The same man, grown gouty, hobbles his two miles on tortured feet, reluctant, yet eager, because he “loveth at all times.” Which walk gives the higher proof of love? Which will most endear him to his friend?

About the author and the source

Christina Rossetti (1830–1894) earned recognition as one of England’s finest poets. Unlike her more sensual brother, Dante Gabriel Rossetti (leader of the pre-Raphalite painters) she was deeply imbued with Christian sensibility and wrote such books as Called to be Saints. Today’s selection is from her daily readings, Time Flies.

Christina Georgina Rossetti. Time Flies, a Reading Diary. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1886.

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