Issue 143 America's book

What's inside

America's book: did you know?

How the Bible has formed the American church

the editors

America's book: executive editor's note

A magazine forty years in the making.

Bill Curtis, executive editor

America's book: managing editor's note

Second in a two-part series of the Bible in America

Jennifer Woodruff Tait, Managing editor

Letters to the editor, CH 143

Readers respond to Christian History

readers and editors

Meet the intern: Kellie Mitchell

Kellie Mitchell and the editors

Whose Bible?

As American Christians have prayed, worshiped with, and studied the Bible, they have often wrestled over how to interpret it

Jason A. Hentschel

Some English Bible translations and paraphrases

A version for every taste and reading level

the editors

Giving sinners no rest

Preaching from the Word during American awakenings 

Keith J. Hardman and Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Evangelists preaching from the Word

Using the Bible to convert and edify


Young “Bible theologians”

How Nineteenth-Century Sunday Schools emphasized the Bible

Elise Leal

Quiz the Bible

A new way to study

Jonathan Den Hartog

“Your daughters shall prophesy”

Women interpreting the Bible

Marion Ann Taylor

Christian History timeline: A book for the church

How American Christians have interpreted, sung from, studied, taught, and sometimes fought over the Bible

the editors

“Sing and make melody in your heart”

Singing Scripture through hymns

Mark A. Noll

Old book in a new world

The story of Bible translations in America centers around the KJV

Chris R. Armstrong

Rioting over the Bible

Flames of hatred engulfed St. Michael’s and St. Augustine’s

Ann T. Snyder

Four historic paths

The Bible in indigenous languages

James D. Smith III

Attackers and defenders

How “higher criticism” developed, came to America, and provoked a response

James C. Ungureanu

Preaching the gospel remedy

teachers, Translators, and theologians whose ideas echo into the present 

Jennifer A. Boardman

The virtual Word in the real world

Some popular websites dedicated to making free Bible texts and resources available.

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

The Bible for the church

Use these questions on your own or in a group to reflect on how the Bible has formed you and your church.

the editors

The Bible in America: recommended resources

Read more about how the Bible has shaped the American church in these resources recommended by our authors and CH staff.

the contributors and editors
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